Zoom Feedback

I have been collaborating with Carol using Zoom for the past 18 months. She has both grown and refined my leadership pedagogy by mentoring my planning and by co-constructing and implementing aspirational goals that support a positive and progressive leadership system. Carol provides a well designed planning outline on how to structure team/staff meetings and provides advice and evidence based literature to support problem solving. Although meetings are not face to face, Carol offers a personalised approach that is scaffolded through regular feedback via a reflective process. 

Kolynn Tai (Assistant Principal Auroa Primary School)

Initially, I was very hesitant about Zoom coaching, given the 'newness' of it and the lack of face to face contact. However, now that I have experienced Zoom coaching for 18 months, it would honestly be my preferred method of coaching. Why?

  • sessions are well planned and considered with material, resources and/or 'thinking' sent out at least a week before the Zoom

  • complete and utter focus during the Zoom session. In this forum, a Zoom is intimate, focused and 'no escape' - it is about deep reflection, coaching, rich conversations and growth

  • ability for conversations to flow and be flexible. A Zoom inadvertently removes some of the 'domination' factor from one participant. You are at ease through the process to listen, share, critique and be honest - all in a very non-threatening environment. 

Zoom Coaching has been incredibly successful and far exceeded my expectations. I would absolutely endorse Zoom Coaching.

Ngā Manaakitanga

Regan Orr


Central Normal School/Te Kura Tuatahi o Papaioea


Initially my first instincts were that Zoom would never make an effective form of communication as I felt it reduced the personal aspects of the interaction - but how wrong was I! 

For the last 6 months I have used Zoom for my professional development, for coaching conversations, peer appraisals, staff meetings and most recently, teacher appointment interviews. Whilst these have all been successful uses of Zoom it is the coaching conversation that has been a real highlight for me.

These conversations require focus, eye contact, a lack of interruptions, and a robust and honest dialogue. Zoom provides the platform to enable these conversations to occur and the results are often transformational. The participants are relaxed in their own environments and are attentive to the conversation. 

I would personally recommend Zoom coaching conversations.

Ben Ward Smith


Lytton St School

Zoom coaching allows for flexibility in both timeframes and a suitable environment for the attendees.  Carol connects in a way that still feels very personal and allows for that 1-1 connection.  She is very professional throughout, well prepared and we felt that our outcomes were met at these sessions.  

Vanessa Duncan and Antoinette Mayo

Principal & Deputy Principal

Kaitoke School