What others say...


I have worked with Carol over the past 7 years.  Carol expertly facilitates a range of highly effective, professionally challenging and pedagogically sound professional learning, which includes; teaching as inquiry, coaching and mentoring, leadership development and principal appraisal. Carol is a talented, well-prepared and skilled facilitator who draws on extensive research and relevant experience to support her work. Carol's professional and astute approach, coupled with her keen sense of humour are the reasons I have sought her facilitation year after year. 


Regan Orr


Central Normal School

Palmerston North

Carol has been a major influence in my leadership development over the last 5 years. She has been my coach, mentor and appraiser. Carol knows me, my school and my work. Through coaching, discussion and professional reading she challenges me to look deeper, to reflect and to plan actionable next steps. Carol brings leadership experience, professional knowledge and a personal approach in her work.

Brya Dixon


Marton Primary School




Kaimata school has worked with edLead and in particular Nadia for the past 3 years. 

We are better leaders, better teachers, and a better school because of her input. The range of up to date skills and knowledge that she brings to our hui ensures that we are a reflective and proactive school, that values the achievement and welfare of students, teachers and our wider school community.

I feel constantly challenged and supported at the same time; and know that by challenging myself, I also challenge the school to step up to be the best we can be.

Nadia has a particular knack of bringing out the best in you; by asking challenging and aspirational questions for us to inquire into.

The comfort I get from knowing that edLead is up to date with the latest educational thinking and legislation cannot be quantified.

Kaimata School respects the relationship we have with Nadia and edLead and promotes them as visionary and professional.


Richard Anderson


Kaimata School


Nadia has been very professional and thorough in all her work at St Pius X School.  She has been part of a process of change that could not have occurred without her input as a facilitator.

Principal Appraisal 

As a beginning Principal I have been extremely fortunate to have had Nadia’s expert support and guidance during my first three years.  She is extremely knowledgeable with a great amount of practical advice and guidance. 

She has excellent facilitation skills which she demonstrates by being well organised, clear in her delivery and intuitive in her approach when working with myself and my Board Chair. 


In-school leadership - PLG

Nadia is open-minded and approachable and allows the opportunity for all of our leadership team to contribute.  Nadia’s insightful questions ensure our intended decisions and actions are thoroughly critiqued.  She helps us keep student achievement at the centre of all that we do. This has been integral to our growth.


Anna Wormald


St Pius X School

New Plymouth