• Nadia Ballantine & Carol Lynch

The Hardest Person You Will Ever Have to Lead is Yourself.

Term 4 can be an exciting and challenging time of the year as you review, reflect and also plan and prepare for the future. Leading yourself starts with the thoughts in your head. Noticing thought patterns and practicing positive self-talk helps maintain perspective and has a positive impact on those around you. The leader brings the weather.

Based on experience, here are 3 situations that may turn up in term 4. Being able to lead yourself intentionally and deliberately might be important in these & similar situations.

Scenario 1: There’s too much to do.

Positive self-talk: I don’t need to do it all. It will get done.

Tool: Take 2 minutes to do the following. You will feel better! Each morning write down the following:

1 thing I want to get done.

1 thing I am grateful for.

1 thing I will let go of.

Scenario 2: Everybody wants something from me… now.

Positive self-talk: My job is to listen and understand rather than fix.

Tool: Stop. Breathe. Listen. Question.

Scenario 3: Learner or teacher behaviour is out of control!

Positive self-talk: Stick to the facts. What is really going on here?

Tool: The terribleness scale 0% -------------------------- 100%

Rate where learner or teacher behaviour sits.

Rate where the most terrible thing that could happen would sit.

Now how terrible is learner or teacher behaviour?

Stop catastrophising!


Leaders help staff navigate into calm spots.

I can’t change reality, but I can change how I think about reality.

1 question:

How will you be leading yourself through term 4?

Best wishes for a positive term.


Carol & Nadia