• Nadia Ballantine & Carol Lynch

Spaciousness -What We Need to Do Great Work

Circling back to our March blog post; ‘Boundaries Can Be Uncomfortable. Being Busy Is Worse,’ we are reminded that conflict & resistance might be things that take up time in your day and space in your head.

In the latest edition of the ASCD Educational Leadership magazine themed The Empowered Principal, an article Constructive Conflict has got us thinking, particularly the statistic that leaders spend 20-40 percent of a typical workday managing conflict.

The article identifies 3 approaches to dealing with conflict.

  1. Avoidance -sometimes it is good to pick your battles, but this is not an effective long-term approach.

  2. Attack -never a good option!

  3. Addressing-seeing conflict as healthy, productive and essential for growth.

To provide courage as you address conflict here are 2 whakataukī

1-E ngaki ana a mua, e tōtō mai ana a muri.

First clear the weeds, then plant.

2-Ehara! Ko koe te ringa e huti punga!

Yes, yours is the arm best suited to pull up the anchor!

You have it in you!

1 tool to take into term 2


Are back-to-back meetings and a crowded diary preventing you from taking a constructive and productive approach to conflict situations?

Creating space in your day to process, reflect and find calm (on the balcony rather than on the dance floor) allows for better listening and the ability to be more present for others. This is especially important in conflict situations.

How can you establish a boundary to create spaciousness?

Best wishes for term 2


Carol & Nadia