• Nadia Ballantine & Carol Lynch

Post-Crisis Leadership - Reclaiming the Leadership Space

As the end of term approaches we would like to say well done you!

You’ve been leading through crisis. Here’s what we reckon you’ve been doing:

● Remaining calm

● Keeping people informed

● Planning

● Re-planning

● Providing people with assurance

● Communicating intentionally

● Ensuring people understand the reasons for your decisions

● Using the strengths and expertise around you

● Adjusting your message for different audiences

● Explaining and explaining again

● Being patient

● Caring about your people as people

You’ve been using all these great strategies within the context of Covid-19. As term 1 concludes is it time to close the door on the Covid context and transfer these strategies across to your other leadership priorities?

What might reclaiming the leadership space look like for you?

Leading Learning

3 prompts:

-How are you going to facilitate your first staff hui in term 2 to engage, motivate and excite your team about the teaching and learning opportunities ahead?

-How are you planning to protect time for conversations/coaching that grow teacher practice?

-How are you going to shape the talk/culture so that watching each other teach results in challenge, feedback, action and celebration?

Mental Fitness

2 prompts:

-Have you been intentional about what you want your people to feel over the next 3 terms and what you absolutely don’t want your people to feel?

-How clear have you been on mapping out term 2 to identify pressure times and planning how you will coach your team and yourself through?


-What approaches are you considering to prioritise connection before content?




Your network of colleagues

Mahia i runga i te rangimārie, me te ngākau māhaki.

With a peaceful mind and a respectful heart, we will always get the best results.

Enjoy the break. We look forward to seeing you in term 2.

Ngā mihi

Carol and Nadia