• Nadia Ballantine & Carol Lynch

Meet For Purpose Not Time

Our thoughts are that it is possible that working online might become important over the next little while. What we’d like to challenge you with today is that in the meeting space, everything that takes place face to face can happen via Zoom. You just need to plan for it…

3 planning considerations

1-The Unofficial Start

As people arrive and you admit them from the waiting room, you can be purposeful in the use of time while you wait, and prime people for the hui by providing a provocation, activity, journaling task or question.

2-Being clear is kind, being unclear is unkind.

To ensure people know what to expect in your hui, tell them prior. Set the expectations. Here are some possibilities:

● Please have Zoom ready on your device and check in with your settings to ensure that you have functions accessible like ‘chat’ and ‘reactions’

● We will use the breakout room function. It would be great if you could be in your own space, on your own connection

● Let’s take control of our own noise. Get to know the ‘mute’ function & connect from somewhere without distractions & background noise

Video on

● Have the agenda on a tab

● We’ll take a brain break so feel free to bring kai & a drink

3-Planning for the use of different Zoom features

When planning for your hui, as well as planning for content you can also plan for making use of features. Your hui doesn’t have to be a webinar.

For example:

Purposeful use of the chat feature. Jot the 3 most important points in relation to…

Use breakout rooms to maximise participation and voice.

2 tools

1-Use of visuals

These stimulate people’s brains in a different way. Hold up a provocation; something tangible to illustrate a concept.

2-Use of scales

Check in and find out what people need or currently know.

1 - 5 scale, hold up the number of fingers e.g. Indicate how much you currently know about … 1= absolutely nothing, 5 =full understanding. How confident are you feeling about … 1= not at all, 5= I’ve got this.

1 wondering

Have you thought about how you could use the record feature?

With participants permission, record and then watch back and reflect on your facilitation. This also could provide an efficient way of sharing information with those who are not present.

Nga Mihi

Carol & Nadia