• Carol Lynch and Nadia Ballantine

Who Will Help You Get Your Next Job?

New year = new year resolutions. Is one of yours preparing for your next leadership step, change or promotion? Have you thought about who is going to help you get your next role?

Based on our experience supporting board’s with leadership appointments, we observe that some candidates provide material that doesn’t promote them in the best way that it could. It is a big commitment to apply for a position and showcasing your strengths and achievements is vital. When investing time in the process you want to be sure that you are ‘covering the basics’ as well as presenting yourself positively, when viewed from the perspective of the potential employer. Similarly when successful in securing an interview, preparation and planning make a big difference.

Applying for a school leadership job is a unique process with its own rules and expectations and when you’re busy “on the job” it can be a challenge to navigate on your own. We can help.

At edLead Consulting Ltd we can provide you with personalised job application coaching including:

  • C.V. feedback

  • Process support

  • Interview coaching

It’s never too soon to start preparing for your career ‘next step.’

Contact us for coaching with an upcoming application or for strategic support for the future.

“It doesn’t take much to create a connection, but it does take intention”.

*Disclaimer: It is edLead Consulting Ltd policy that we cannot act as a referee or provide coaching support when we are directly involved in the appointment process.