• Nadia Ballantine & Carol Lynch

An Invitation- Shifting the Talk; A Collaborative Inquiry by Carol Lynch & Nadia Ballantine

We want you to join us as we inquire into the practicalities of how we can shift the focus of teacher talk from casual, informal conversations to intentional, productive, improvement focused talk.

Why would we want to spend time on this?

Our observations tell us that in schools some opportunities are being missed.

We notice the following trends in our work…

  • A lack of protocols, tools & structures in place during meetings & conversations

  • A ‘culture of nice’ inhibits growth, challenge & robust reflection

  • Increased collaboration has not been adequately supported by developing the skills to effectively work closely with other adults

  • A desire to improve active listening but uncertainty about how to do this

  • Way too much time being spent in meetings that don’t lead to improvements in learning & teaching

We believe these trends are a natural development as schools strive to embed collaborative practice. Our inquiry primarily focuses on adult collaboration outside of the classroom.

In our inquiry to address these trends we believe that the way teachers talk shapes the culture, enhances hauora, develops practice & therefore improves learner engagement & achievement. Sounds simple - we think it could be.

Our quest is to develop practical tools & approaches to shift the talk in schools.

We invite you to be part of this innovation by sharing with us your challenges & successful approaches to professional conversations. We will be approaching some edLead clients to trial tools & resources & share their experiences; the good, the bad & the ugly & intend to update you as our inquiry progresses.

As you look back on term 1 here are some questions in relation to our inquiry to guide your reflection;

  • Have you created the conditions for your teachers to work effectively together?

  • Has collaboration meant that teachers are talking about their work more often?

  • Does the talk your teachers engage in lead to change & improvement?

  • Are your meetings & conversations intentional?

  • Do you & your staff have a variety of tools & skills to draw on depending on the purpose of your conversations?

“Conversation is the fundamental unit of change. If you change the conversation, then there’s every chance you’ll change everything that surrounds it".

Positively Speaking – Jackson & Waldman

If you would like to share or be part of our inquiry, comment below or email Carol or Nadia.

Kia kaha

Kia Maia

Kia Manawanui

All the very best for term 2.