• Nadia Ballantine & Carol Lynch

The Power Of The One To One

‘When it's all said and done, when it all comes to pass, only what's made personal will last.’

Personalise Learning

Your school is operating well, your team is cohesive and strong, learners are getting a good deal and your community is behind you. Sounds great!!!

So what next? How do you continue to grow and develop a school and a team that is already performing well?

The leadership skills and approaches required to improve a school that is not performing well, are different to those required to maintain good performance and continue improvement in a sustainable way.

At edLead, we believe that the one to one coaching partnership is the key to ongoing, lasting improvement. Working with individuals is the place where needs can most effectively be met, and where teachers potential can truly be unlocked.

The time spent one to one with teachers deepens relationships, builds trust and contributes to a culture of sharing and support.

Your most capable teachers are learners too. They may have ideas and aspirations that are not uncovered in group and team situations.

The personal and professional benefits that teachers gain from coaching help build resilience and can help maintain perspective when experiencing stress or the challenge of change.

At edLead our experience tells us that a combination of team-based work and one-to-one coaching across a school staff results in positive change for staff and learners. We believe that ‘if you want it, coach it.’

If you would like to know more about how this could work in your school make contact to talk about options.

As you finish reading you may be thinking about coaching for your staff……. or rejecting coaching for your staff- both valid thoughts to be having. So before you click ‘delete’ there is one more question to consider-

What about you?

Reread the post, visualising yourself in a one-to-one coaching partnership.

Coaching may be the key to your next leadership development.