• Nadia Ballantine

Starting Smart- 3 things to prepare for your appraisal

Ngā mihi o te tau hou - happy new year!

At edLead Consulting Ltd principal appraisal is core business for us. As NZSTA accredited providers we pride ourselves on having an inclusive & robust process that both supports & challenges our leaders.

As we head into performance agreement set-up meetings this term, let us help you be prepared with these 3 top tips.

#1 Start the dialogue!

If possible prior to the our session you and the BOT should reflect on the information you have at hand and identify possible areas for performance (getting stuff done) and development (personal growth & learning) goal areas.

You might ask; what are the needs of our learners?

Our teachers?

Our leaders?

The Principal?

Where are we going?

Roll forward to December; what will the outcomes & benefits be when the principal & our school is successful? (Expected outcomes)

#2 Get your board chair on board!

Their role is to attend about the first 45 minutes of our session & ensure that the board views on what is important are expressed and captured in the goals and that the proposed process matches the wishes of the board.

For new chairs this is also a great opportunity to get their heads around the annual process & their role.

#3 Hunt & gather!

✓Your principal appraisal policy or procedure - it may be timely to review this in relation to the Standards & the Principals portfolio, including who has access to the portfolio

✓Principal’s current job description

✓School charter including targets

✓Previous year’s appraisal report

✓What career step you are currently on & when the assessment to move to the next step is due

✓When you’re due to have your practising certificate renewed.

By being prepared we can work efficiently & effectively to establish a meaningful, challenging and manageable performance agreement for you in 2018.

Start smart.

If you are yet to secure your professional appraiser in 2018, contact one of our team for a quote.