• Nadia Ballantine & Carol Lynch

What's the Big Deal about Coaching?

The “Why” Surrounding Coaching.

The concept of coaching is spreading into education….. but what is it really all about?

What Coaching Is

-1 to 1or team-based

- Goal orientated

- Forward moving and solution focused

- A vehicle for personal development

- Growing current capability

-All about you and what you need now

What Coaching Isn't

-Directive or corrective

- Fixing

-Telling you what to do

-Deficit focused

-Something you do when things aren’t going well

At edLead we approach coaching as a tool for enhancing performance and positive self-development. Coaching is tailored to what you need, it's timely and it assumes you are already capable. It is ideal for both highly competent leaders and developing leaders who want to challenge and extend themselves.

Coaching results in increased confidence and greater capability to meet the demands of modern leadership. As a result of coaching you will feel supported and will be able to see yourself maximising your personal and professional potential.

At edLead coaching is our core business. We are trained and are engaged in our own ongoing learning.

Within our coaching programme we also provide other options–

-Critical Friend – opportunities to talk, toss around ideas, test thinking and share successes and challenges

-Professional Supervision – specific unpacking of work-related situations based on reflective practice

We know that coaching is the way forward in education, for adults and learners. Some of you know this also –

The benefits of coaching for me have been huge - I get to meet with the coach each term and have a conversation about my goals and the school, challenges, successes etc. Quite simply coaching reduces stress because it helps me see the situations for what they are - it takes the fear away. My thinking is examined and the erroneous thoughts are clarified and the good thoughts built upon. I always leave with one or two work ons and affirmed in key areas. Working with a coach is something I will continue to do as long as I am a Principal.

Tom Sheehan- Principal St Matthews School Marton.

Our world dramatises leaders as all-powerful and strong; they are like heroes. We portray them to be the ones who will save us. Take a closer look at the next hollywood blockbuster and you will see this in action. One hero, hundreds of helpless civilians. The hero has all the action, all the answers, all the strength and all the power! Coaching does not re-inforce this. By taking a coaches' stance leaders hold the belief that everybody has the ability to "unleash the hero inside".

As a young leader, coaching helps me to tap into the years of experience of people on my team. It helps me to move away from trying to "save everyone" and leading them to a place where they can save themselves.

Nic Mason Russell Street School Palmerston North.

So what’s the big deal about coaching? There’s no big deal – it's simply helping you understand your way forward as a leader, your personal “Why”.

We are ready when you are.

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