Learning is a social activity. Reflecting on practice & discussing actions & reflections are key elements in adult learning & development.

In education, every school leader works in a unique context, tailoring their leadership to the specific needs before them. At the same time all Principals exercise leadership in areas common across all schools.


The Professional Learning Group (PLG) outlines an approach to Principal development that:

  • Recognises individual contexts

  • Develops collaboration

  • Promotes reflection

  • Provides opportunity for Principals from different schools/regions to come together

  • Is challenging & robust


The Professional Learning Group involves 4-6 Principals.

The group will meet eight times over the year (2 x 3 hour sessions a term), or by negotiation.

Meetings will be held at an agreed meeting place or will rotate around participating Principal’s schools.


Each PLG session will involve:

  • A what’s on top session

  • A discussion of topical issues

  • Each Principal presenting an update of their core leadership project, with reflective questioning and collaborative problem solving

  • Structured reading of a shared text- cost of text is additional


Cost of PLG

Between $1000 & $1200 + GST per person, depending on the number of participants