At edLead Consulting we understand the complexity and demands of modern leadership. We  believe that individualised one to one coaching is the best form of personalised PLD.


What Coaching Is

  • 1 to 1 or team-based

  • Goal orientated

  • Forward moving and solution focused

  • A vehicle for personal development

  • Growing current capability

  • All about you and what you need now


What Coaching Isn't

  • Directive or corrective

  • Fixing

  • Telling you what to do

  • Deficit focused

  • Something you do when things aren’t going well


At edLead we approach coaching as a tool for enhancing performance and positive self-development. Coaching is personalised to what you need, it's timely and it assumes you are already capable.


Coaching results in increased confidence and greater capability to meet the demands of modern  leadership. As a result of coaching you will feel supported and will be able to see yourself maximising your personal and professional potential.


Your coaching experience could include –

  • Goal or skill focused one to one sessions to move you forward

  • Your agenda driving sessions

  • Each session resulting in agreed actions to be taken


We offer a range of personalised individual coaching options for Principals including face to face sessions as well as Skype, Zoom or Face Time. Inquire about Flexi Coaching options, where you book your sessions for when you need them.

Make contact to learn more about how face to face or online support can benefit you.


In addition we also offer:


  • Observation & feedback on leadership in action based on self-selected areas. 

“Shadow Coaching is a specific and advanced application of coaching based on observation and feedback from the coach, with reflective practice by the client - whether individuals or groups”. The Forton Group



  • May involve coaching, mentoring & sound boarding (testing thinking & ideas)

  • Provides someone you trust to talk things over with & share successes & challenges

  • Your agenda determines session content



  • Based on your reflective practice, each session follows a cycle that allows you to unpack a particular aspect of your work or a situation you are facing

  • Deep reflection & review of your work takes place

  • Each session results in agreed actions to be taken


Face to face time & cost of sessions personalised to individual needs.

Online one hour sessions – Skype, Zoom or Face Time

Cost on request

For a proposal or personal consultation contact us.